B-1B Model: How to build Revell's B-1B Lancer

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B-1B Model: How to build Revell's B-1B Lancer

This book contains detailed instructions on building the B-1B LANCER 1/48 scale model aircraft from Revell. This book was written for the 4900 Limited Edition but can also be used for the 5714 kit. Special thanks to the B-1B Builders Support Group on Facebook
In addition to the kit’s instructions, there are 7 aftermarket kits each with their own instruction. Can you imagine merging all of these instructions? Well, I’ve done that for you and more. I take the model kit instructions from Revell and break them up into individual steps. This model is huge. It is much bigger than most workbenches. The fuselage is 36 inches long and with the wings fully extended, the width is 35 inches. So we're going to break the build into 3 major sections - Wings, Fuselage, and Engines.I also incorporate Eduard’s Photo Etch sets 48857 and 49737 along with Barracuda; Late Exhaust Set, Engine Intake Set, External Upgrade Set, and the Main & Nose Wheel Set in with Revell’s instructions. As most modelers know, it can be tricky to go back and forth between the model kit instructions and the aftermarket kit instructions. I took out the guesswork and did that for you. The aftermarket steps are colored gray making them easy to skip if you just have the basic model. This book provides a little history of the Lancer, photos the aftermarket kits, a detailed list of tools that I used to build this model, along with a list of paints. The actual instruction section contains 778 steps and 140 plus figures over 165 pages that tell you what to dry fit, glue, and/or paint for each individual piece. Each step instruction shows the source (i.e., either Revell or aftermarket instruction) along with a block to mark that you completed the step.