Ten Steps for VibratoTen Steps for Vibrato

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Ten Steps for Vibrato

An introduction to learning as controling vibrato in TEN STEPS.  Take time with each step so you fully master the skill and technique.  Learning vibrato requires coordinating muscles, and like any exercise or sport, truly takes time to master the physical requirements.  Be patient.  Revisit all of the steps often – even after you are vibrating naturally, strive for more control so you can use vibrato in different moods and expressions.

This vibrato workbook is created with the intention of helping students of any age learn vibrato.  Working with a professional flute teacher is the best way to learn, as you will have demonstration and feedback.  However, with the understanding that we cannot have lessons every day, let this practice book assist you in a daily routine.


Dr. Matthew Allison is a flute instructor in Metro St. Louis.  His intent is to break down the complexities of learning music and flute skills in a way that becomes accessible for students of any level to learn, and to provide more material to support those skills.

Dr. Allison primarily teaches pre-college students in Illinois, and is also faculty at   Lindenwood University.  His previous teaching appointments include Western Illinois University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Music (Chair of Winds, Chair of Theory & Composition). 


These practice books are also intended to be priced accessibly.  Additional online   tutorial videos are also being developed to help students grow, regardless of access to flute instructors.  Please do not copy and distribute these materials.

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