Horringer 1558-1850 Parish Register Suffolk

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Horringer 1558-1850 Parish Register Suffolk

Horringer 1558-1850
Suffolk Parish Register
Baptisms, Marriages, Burials
Appendixes and Biographical Notes

Abbreviations and Explanations 
Appendix I. Church Briefs
Appendix II Monumental Inscriptions within Church 
Appendix III. Monumental Inscriptions in Churchyard
Appendix IV. Church Rates for 1693, 1699 
Appendix V. Perambulation of Horringer 
Appendix VI. Rectors of Horringer 
Appendix VII. Poll Tax Payers of 1381 
Appendix VIII. Horringer in Domesday Book
Appendix IX. Horringer and Ickworth Subcribers to the Suffolk Ship 
Appendix X. Horringer Parliamentary Voters 
Appendix XI. Curates of Horringer 
Appendix XII.—List of Christian Names Biographical Notes Indexes,