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Please note that Vekpo currently only supports native files from the MacOS version (not the iPad version) of the Graphic/iDraw application (eg. file_name.idraw). It does not support other file types and does not support Graphic/iDraw files from the iPad.

Usage with Motion 5.3 and above:

Placing shape files (.motn or .molo) in Motion’s Favorites directory allows them to be used in Motion 5.3. Where is this directory? It’s at:

/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Motion/Library/Favorites

To get there:

  1. Go to the Finder
  2. Press Command-N to open a new window
  3. Press Command-Shift-G to specify a directory
  4. Enter “~/Library/Application Support/Motion/Library/Favorites”

Make an alias of the Favorites folder (Command-Option while dragging) on your Desktop for easy access from Illustrator or Vekpo or just drag your shapes there whenever you create them.

A note about file size. Motion was not developed by Apple to be a vector animation tool. It does work but is very verbose in describing vector shapes. Because of this the more points in your shape, the larger your resulting .motn or .molo file. The larger your shape file, the more memory Motion requries. See where this is going? It's best to keep your shape files simple so Motion can handle them and you don't run out of memory loading them. Keep them clean!

Thanks for using this software.