Soulagni and Agni 17.7.2019

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Soulagni and Agni 17.7.2019

Soulagni and Agni

Sorry brave ladies I am not one of you, I never could muster up the courage to pack my bags and become a globetrotter forgetting about the human demons and bipedal beasts that roam aplenty!


So I dreamt of an existence beyond body, where I could roam freely like light, everywhere, but feel the things around me where I wanted to! Next I penned them down or typed them! Here are those precious pearls from my ocean of imagination for you. The illustrations are nowhere near to the scenes in my mind, just added a few for you! I will rather enjoy them separately.


A bird in cage dreaming of deep blue sky, wind and places where her wings could take her if only life allowed!


All poems and other works are copyrighted works of Sharmishtha Basu. You can share them with your friends but please acknowledge the creator. I will be very grateful for your sweetness.

Sharmishtha Basu


Haridebpur, Kolkata