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Artist Price Calculator

"Help! I don't know how much I should charge!"


Pricing has always been a grey area for many creative entrepreneurs and individuals. Not only have we been dealing with heavy symptoms of imposter syndrome (don't get me started) but also, many of us have struggled to even know where to begin!


Having been involved in the creative industry for 15 years, I have had my fair share of financial faux pas; from carelessness surrounding deposits, charging prices that were totally out of sync to completely undercutting myself - I have been through it all. With each experience, I have learned something new, leading me to develop my own formulae over the years to help me set solid pricing and working models. They've worked wonders for me throughout my creative career, so I've constructed this price generator tool in the hope it will work amazingly for you too. From one artist to another, I understand the struggle, APC is here to help!


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What programs are required to use this tool?


Microsoft Office Excel


Is this product the answer to all of my pricing woes?


This tool is purpose built and formulated for creative workers of all disciplines, designed to serve as a guide to help you reach solid price points - backed by a carefully curated set of formulae.


If you wish to generate prices based on time, money, materials & variable costs - it is perfect for that, as it incorporates all of these, to ensure you set a price that will generate a profit. If you wish to base your prices around your competitors, it will provide you with a sturdy, logical price point to work with as a starting point for you to merge with your market research findings.


Full care and consideration has been taken to ensure that the APC is accessible to all, regardless of creative sector. The ability to change your hourly rate & material costs gives you the power to fully customise the generator to cooperate with your price range - whether you sell at a lower rate or charge high end prices.


When in sectors such as custom products/e-commerce; it is completely optional (but strongly recommended) that you research price points of comparable artists and companies. You may find that in this market, customers factor in price more vehemently than in the freelance market (for example). Work sought after from freelancers tends to be heavily based on portfolio (most of the time), whereas in the e-commerce/selling market - custom tends to be slightly more dependent on price. Especially if you're selling popular products, such as: notebooks, t-shirts and other stationery & accessories. This is just something to look out for and consider.


Can I access the template on all devices?


The file can be opened through Excel on laptops and desktops as well as through the Excel app on smartphones & tablets.


What is Included?


Along with the APC tool, there is also a help guide included to refer to if you find yourself getting a little bit foggy. 


Can this tool be used internationally?


Sure can! The default currency is set to UK pound sterling. However, there is a help guide included with the quick & easy steps to take if you are based outside of the UK.


Are returns/refunds accepted?


As the APC is available for download as soon as the purchase has been made, they are non-refundable.  It is advised not to tamper with any of the formulae to ensure you have the best experience of the product. Should you encounter any issues when using the tool, or believe it to be defective in any way, send details through to: to have any issues or queries investigated & resolved.

The APC is designed to serve as a quick, efficient and reliable way to help tackle the process of setting your own prices. Methodical and logical, you can now spend less time worrying about what to charge clients and spend more time creating.