How to do Scrapbooking business from home eBook pdf.
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How to do Scrapbooking business from home eBook pdf.

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1. Scrapbooking Secrets Brings Special Family Moments Back To Life . . . 
2. How to fit more scrapbooking time into your busy schedule so you can rejuvenate your spirit and celebrate your life.
3. Would that be nice? 
4. Doing what you love - scrapbooking ... and doing it when it suits your lifestyle. And can you imagine how great you'll feel if you were getting PAID to do it?
5. Wouldn’t it be great to work from home? 
6. Not having to battle the peak hour traffic or sit on dirty public transport? 
7. How would it make you feel to be your own boss ... and for people to be proud to be have you 'scrapbook' for them?
8. How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking
9. How to set your own hours ... work when YOU want – and still make $50 to $100 an hour
10. How to have a thriving Scrapbook business 
11. Where to advertise for the greatest bang
12. How to make your business different from the rest and earn 3 times what your competitors do
13. What supplies you need to get started
14. What customers are really looking for in a scrapbook
15. Where to get clip art for FREE!
16. How to give your products that “wow” factor so your customers keep coming back
17. How to conduct business with your customers so that you don’t waste time, but still get everything you need from them in order to create a “top gun” spread
18. How much other Scrapbook Artists are earning
19. How to create advertising that pulls your ideal customer out of the woodwork 
20. How to manage your time so that your business doesn’t take over your life
21. How to still enjoy your family and friends, yet run a thriving scrapbooking business from home
22. “To die for” scrapbooking resources you can rely on for information, help and savings
23. Where to see the best scrapbooking tradeshows in the country
24. How to organize your scrapbook workspace so that you have a great time and make great money
25. How to market your business on the internet 
26. What you need to start scrapbooking
27. Are you planning or attending a Scrapbooking event?
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