How to create noticable resume and cover letter for getting perfect job.
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How to create noticable resume and cover letter for getting perfect job.

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1. Would you like to write a resume that's guaranteed to get results? 
2. A Little Resume "Twist" you can use to land more job interviews and job offers?
3. What is resume?
4. "Everything you need to transform your resume to make sure that you are the successful candidate." 
5. How do you know if the resume helped the candidate get an interview?
6. Your resume is the foundation of your brand and is your primary marketing tool.
7. It can open doors to opportunities you didn’t imagine possible 
8. Why you haven’t received an interview call even after applying to a zillion jobs?
9. Are you staring at a blank computer screen with no clue about what to write in your resume?
10. What To Include In a Resume?
11. A good quality resume could be the deciding factor in your job search success. 
12. A recruiter’s impression of you comes from your resume. 
13. Does Your Resume Stand Out?
14. Is you’re Resume Preventing You from Getting a New Job?
15. How Important is Your Resume?
16. What Does Your Professional Resume Say About You?
17. Is Your Resume Being Screened?
18. Education Vs. Work Experience on a Resume: What Comes First?
19. Is Your Resume Too Long?
20. What is the Cover Letter?
21. Do you need an "Objective" statement and why?
22. What goes in the "Education" section?
23. What are some of the pitfalls in the "Job Experience" section?
24. How can you add some spark that will further peak the employer’s interest?
25. What do you put in the "Skills" section?
26. A great resume is the first step in starting your dream career
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25. Pre-formatted resume templates, solid advice on applying tried and tested marketing principles.


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