How to manage stress, anxiety, depression related to corona pandemic
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How to manage stress, anxiety, depression related to corona pandemic

How to manage stress, anxiety, depression related to corona pandemic & be emotionally strong.

Fears about COVID-19 is taking an emotional toll everywhere around the world. We provide you collection of ebooks that would help you in controlling your life with right stress management practices, yoga, meditation and activities.

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For many of us the uncertainty around corona virus pandemic as well as economic lockdown is toughest thing to cope with, causing serious psychological and behavioural problems. Its the time of drastic change that is happening around us. And it is causing stress, anxiety, depression, frustration etc. Our ebooks provide you detailed guide to change your self, your thinking, engage you in some activities that balances your harmones, reduce self-induced stress, control your fear related to corona virus out break, right techniquees for anxiety control, help you in harmonising balance between body, mind and soul.

We will also help you on starting to live with passion and excitement, which stress management tools to use to relieve stress by changing the way we react to certain circumstances, proven natural anxiety remedies that you can consider to regain control of your life.

We will help you in staying calm, confident and contained even in most stressful conditions. You will learn to block behaviors that keep your stress alive.

We help you in following stress related situations: 

Dealing with Panic and distress attacks
Calm yourself with visualization
Using right music to beat stress
Self-Hypnosis for Stress 
Identifying stressors - controling them
The right and wrong ways to deal with stress
Managing emotional issues during stressful situation
Managing proper diets, food habbits and herbs
Relaxation techniques - Mind, body relaxation
Controling mind thoughts and negative energy
Using right Meditation techniques 
Yoga exercises for wholistic well being
Proper Breathing techniques and Pranayam practising
Sleep management techniques for better control of stressors
Using the power of positive thinking and self motivation even during pandemic situation
Using breath watching meditation, empty mind meditation, zen meditation and transcendental meditation

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