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As you go through perilous time in this century, your dreams are there to expose why your religious belief system may be failing. This book is your guide through deception, confusion and the imminent storms and dangers that surround and affect your life, as powerfully manifested in your dreams in the night. 

Satan is there, but God is there also. Pam Sheppard, an ordained minister since 1981 and a credentialed counselor since 1973 unveils the reality and the power of your soul and your spirit as reflected in the nature and messages of your dreams. 

Though not the intent of this particular book, the weaknesses of institutional religion cannot help but be revealed. As you continue to read and reflect, the author’s personal profile of her own dreams will gently cause you to enter into her supernatural world where dreams take on a profound prophetic significance. With little effort, you will uncover your past, present and future realities that will speak to you how dreams have affected your personal spiritual walk for good or for evil. 

For your memory will recall the significance of your own dream symbols that you have not understood. As you continue to read, you will have your own “ah ha” moments of your own dreams, where the secrets of your divine destiny await godly interpretation, waiting for you to explore.

If you need assistance with interpreting your dreams, contact PSM at deliverancecounseling@yahoo.com or call 888-818-1117. We will set up a Zoom session.