EBOOK THE TRIBULATION: Signs to Wonder About

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EBOOK THE TRIBULATION: Signs to Wonder About

Are You Troubled Brethren? Do you feel oppressed, suffocated, down and under? When you are not “yourself” or weak, there is an invisible yet hellish fire of chaos around you that seems unbearable. So keep this book near. When you are surrounded and in-conflict, and appear “out numbered” and over-powered, keep this book near. For if you keep it near, You will be steadied and encouraged by the end-time truths in “the Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About.”  

For when picked up and read, this book will be your instant defense against the masses of arrows on fire flung against you with speed and with precision, you will not be afraid. Why? Because the wisdom in this book will quench every flame. Compelling, challenging yet comforting, your faith will be increase to plan for your survival, spirit, soul and body. For if you are sealed by God, even though the plagues of the tribulation will undoubtedly affect your environment, they shall not touch YOU! A thousand may fall at your side, and 10,000 at your right hand, but God will deliver His own. so as you read, you will find that you are being prepared to survive. Your trust and faith will increase as you look up to the skies for the return of King Jesus! 

The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About provides a foundation of the full assurance of the ability of God’s elect to survive in turbulent times. As the years, months and days become increasingly challenging and you desire to avoid both doubt and anxiety, keep this book near to understand the signs and wonders already underway. For upon your remembering of its pages and it’s chapters, the Enemy will retreat, (as it’s written, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” [James 4:7]) 

Be Prepared For The Evil Day

Everyday is a wicked day, but there is that “day” of wickedness within the 7 years of tribulation. 
Discouragement, fear, doubt, oppression, sin, heaviness, bondage, confusion, deceit, temptations, hindrance, stumbling, trials, tribulations, tests, accusations, lies, yes all the darkness, all the wickedness, curled up into evil arrows soaked in tar and set on fire with profuse ammunition, aimed and ready to be strung at the people of God in Christ………the truths in this book will stir up your spiritual hope and faith to help you get ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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