Self-Improvement Made Easy

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Self-Improvement Made Easy

One of the simplest ways to start improving and changing your life is to change something that you’ve always done. And it doesn’t have to even be related to the goal that you have in mind.

When you want to make changes in your life, you want to get the ball rolling somehow. To get that momentum going, try changing small things in your life today.

For example, have you ever driven to work and not remembered how you’ve gotten there? Not only is this a scary notion, but it also can be a great lesson in being aware of your surroundings and how they’re getting in the way of your self-improvement.

Here are some simple ways to change up your routine today:


  • Take a new route to work
  • Eat a meal during a different time of day (i.e. eat breakfast at dinnertime)
  • Change the order of your exercise routine
  • Get up earlier or later than you normally do
  • Do different chores around the house or ignore chores that you always do


The point of this exercise is to realize that while we might feel comfortable in our lives, it’s that comfort and that ‘settling’ that might be getting in the way of the changes that we want to make.

Start the changes right now by changing other, not-as-important parts of your life. You may be surprised at how different the world looks and much more likely you are to believe that bigger changes are indeed possible.

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