Intuition Activation E-Course

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Intuition Activation E-Course

This E-Course has been designed to teach you how to use opening up and expand access to your intuition and Spiritual connected'ness. It is a mixture of information, exercises, and Guided Meditations.

=> travel up to meet your spirit guide/s, angels, animal guide/s
=> view your life path and learn how to open up more options by creating new neural pathways
=> learn how to feel energy and to connect it with others
=> follow simple techniques to send and receive healing
=> self testing techniques to access intuition and bypass the conscious mind
=> emotional Stress Release Techniques
=> identify, and resolve, problem areas/people in your life
=> identify disturbances and balance your energy fields
=> working with, and invoking, Angels
=> Quantum energy as a healing platform
=> The Ribbon Healing Technique to clear and resolve old conflicts, patterns, programs and behaviours
=> Intuitive healing and reading

This is a very hands on Program, jam-packed with information and techniques that you can use to begin you on your energetic healing pathway. Relax to the sound of the Crystal bowls as you are taken on many guided spiritual journey's into your Spiritual Realm as we combine theory and practice.

This is in a PDF format with videos embedded, to reinforce your learning. You will be able to progress at your own pace and refer forward and backwards as needed. 

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