Savage World and other stories By Paul Jeter 2021 - Digital EditionSavage World and other stories By Paul Jeter 2021 - Digital Edition

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Savage World and other stories By Paul Jeter 2021 - Digital Edition

This is the digital version of the print book with all the frills of the complete edition!

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Book info:

Title: SAVAGE WORLD and other stories 

Author: Paul Jeter 

ISBN: 978-0-578-90963-9

LCCN: 2021911309

Place: Hartford, CT

Publisher: PJET Gallery

Available in paperback starting in August 2021.

Pages: 288

Word count: 92,000

genre fiction - fantasy, scifi, horror


Proofread by Linda Shiffrin (

Cover design by Paul Jeter





Join the peril and joys of fantastic new worlds! Savage World and other stories contains 11 dark and colorful tales.

Savage World is an adult fairy tale that follows an ad hoc team of explorers that use a novel technology to travel to a secret new land full of strange dangers.

Blood Gold is a crime romance based in one of our great National Parks.

Miss Wendy is a paranormal crime story where two young men striving for a start in life run into the dark trap run by a small business owner.

The Battle Mage is the biography of a dark wizard who once roamed the earth.

Mansion in the Sky is a character piece about two intertwined destinies in the future.

In Clipping, a boy has future knowledge of his impending doom.

Jermo & Coruh is a Utopian vision of what once was and what could be.

The Promised Land! is about Freeman City on the Moon, a place for folks to escape the bonds of the past and live truly free.

Skippy and the Red Buggies is a super-heroic genre-busting fantasy story ultimately about love and fighting the bad guys.

The Secret Place is an exploration into the darkest nightmares.

You Can Go Now is a science fiction memoir written from the future.

Savage World and other stories is a follow up to Cautionary Tales 2019.