The Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product businessThe Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product business

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The Money Spot Program on building a 6-figure product business

The Money Spot™ Program is the most extensive step-by-step framework for building a beauty business from the comfort of your home. Every module goes with video material and written material allowing you to learn the way you enjoy to learn.
The course teaches a lot about using third-party services so that as your business grows it does not take over your life; you will make more money and still get to spend a lot of time with your friends & family or even maintain a day job, if that is what you want to do

The Money Spot™ program is 12 months. With help you could implement everything within 3 months.

The framework is easy-to-follow. It will help you to build a brand and business in such a way that you hit six-figure annual income much more quickly than you would if you were trying to figure everything out on your own.

THE MODULES - you will not find any course anywhere that gives you this much content for such a reasonable price.

Module 1 (Product)

How To Bring A Product To Market

  • Your 5 alternatives for selling products
  • What factors influence which method you choose?

Module 2 (Product)

The Real Costs Involved In Running A Business

  • Expected cost of launching a product line
  • How much should you expect to spend each month on running your business,
    • e.g. cost of accounting, email management, website maintenance, graphics, etc. 

Module 3 (Product)

Contract Manufacturing

  • What are contract manufacturers?
  • How does contract manufacturing help your business grow?
  • Where can you find a good contract manufacturer?
  • What questions should you ask a contract manufacturer before hiring them?
  • When should you expect to pay a contract manufacturer for development?

Module 4 (Product)

Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

  • What is an RFP?
  • How do you write one?
  • When do you write one?

Module 5 (Product)

Product Sourcing

  • In what ways can you source suppliers?
  • How can you use eBay to find a manufacturer?
  • How can you source suppliers from China?
  • How can you ensure you get a high quality product from China?
  • What products should you avoid getting made in China?
  • How and when do suppliers expect to be paid?

Module 6 (Product)

Product Pricing

  • Understanding the retail chain
  • Limitations of different intermediaries
  • Margin vs. mark-up
  • How to price your product
  • Wholesale price vs. retail price
  • Cost-plus pricing vs. market-oriented pricing
  • How to slash costs & hence price 

Module 7 (Branding)

Branding Basics - Logo

  • What makes a good logo?
  • What types of logo can you have?
  • How much should you pay for a logo?
  • Is it bad to change a logo?
  • What questions should you ask before commissioning a logo?
  • Where can you get a logo designed?
  • Do you have to trademark a logo?

Module 8 (Branding)

Branding Basics - Tone

  • What is a corporate tone?
  • What sort of tone will win you fans in the beauty business?

Module 9 (Branding)

Branding Basics - Slogan

  • Why do you need a corporate slogan?
  • 7 Rules for writing a killer slogan
  • How to come up with a fabulous slogan

Module 10 (Branding)

Advanced Branding Concepts - Color

  • The golden rules for choosing brand colors
  • What do different colors say to your fans?
  • Color negatives!
  • How to use color to convert more website customers

Module 11 (Branding)

Advanced Branding Concepts - Pattern

  • What is a brand pattern?
  • What makes a good brand pattern?
  • How can you get a brand pattern made?
  • How long does it take to get a brand pattern made?
  • How to make your own brand designs
  • Where should you use a brand pattern?
  • What are the long-run benefits of having a brand pattern?

Module 12 (Branding)

Advanced Branding Concepts - Scent

  • What is a brand scent?
  • Why is a brand scent essential
  • When should you use your brand scent?
  • How do you get a brand scent made?

Module 13 (Branding)

Advanced Branding Concepts - Tune

  • What is a brand tune?
  • How can you make your own tune?
  • How can you get a tune made for you?
  • When and where should you use your tune?
  • The 3 golden rules of choosing a tune

Module 14 (Branding)

Advanced Branding Concepts - Consistency

  • What is brand consistency?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do fans and prospects get exposed to your brand?
  • 7 long run benefit of brand consistency?

Module 15 (Marketing)

Blogging Essentials

  • Why should you blog?
  • How is blogging better than sharing pictures and videos?
  • How many blogs should you write each week?
  • How can you get blogs posts written for you? (Paid/free)
  • How to plan your blog schedule
  • How to write a killer blog title

Module 16 (Marketing)

Email List Accelerator Tips

  • 11 Email list building boosting tips
  • How to choose which email software to use
  • How much does it cost to run an email list?
  • How often should you email your list?
  • 5 Tips for reducing unsubscription rates

Module 17 (Marketing)

Getting Articles into Newspapers and Magazines

  • Why bother writing for a magazine or newspapers?
  • How can you go about getting your own column?

Module 18 (Marketing)

Podcasting Power

  • What is podcasting?
  • What software can you use for podcasting?
  • How effective is podcasting?
  • How often should you podcast?

Module 19 (Marketing)

Video Engagement

  • Why is it essential to have videos on YouTube?
  • What equipment do you need for making videos?
  • What is the single most important thing in shooting videos?
  • Which video editing software is best?
  • How long does it take to edit a video?
  • How many videos do you need to be effective?
  • 19-part plan for tackling "stage fright"
  • How to brand your YouTube channel for findability and engagement 

Module 20 (Marketing)

Content Creation Strategies

  • What are the different types of content you can create?
  • What type of content is most likely to go viral?
  • What type of content gets you good SEO ranking?
  • How can you get content created for you?

Module 21 (Marketing)

Content Syndication Strategies?

  • The best way to inform the world of new blogs & vlogs?
  • What is the most efficient way for getting content out?
  • What are the different tools for syndicating content?
  • Should you get someone to do your social media marketing for you?

Module 22 (Marketing)

Social Networking Strategies

  • Which social networks should you focus on for the best engagement?
  • How much time should you spend on social networking?
  • How Should Your Strategies Change Over Time

Module 23 (Marketing)

Conversion Strategies

  • How to maximize conversions to your email list
  • 27 Ways to increase conversion from leads to sales

Module 24 (Marketing)

Trade-shows & Business Expos

  • What is the benefit of trade shows?
  • Wholesale Tradeshows Defined
  • Showrooms Defined
  • Expos Defined
  • Beauty Expos in the US
  • Beauty Expos in the UK
  • Other Beauty Expos
  • Hair Specific Expos
  • Beauty Expos Summary
  • How much do different trade shows cost?
  • Which trade shows should be on your radar?
  • Do you lose out by not attending trade shows? 
  • How many trade shows should you aim to attend each year?

Module 25 (Marketing)

Product Launches

  • What is a product launch?
  • Why should you do a product launch?
  • 51-step product launch strategy

Module 26 (Marketing)

Product Catalogs

  • What is a product catalog?
  • What information should you include in a product catalog?
  • PDF or physical catalog? Where should you place it?
  • Possible funding solutions for catalogs
  • How to add a viral element to catalogs

Module 27 (Marketing)

The Power of Partnerships

  • Who can you partner with?
  • How can you make partnering with you look attractive?

Module 28 (Marketing)


  • What are the different forms of paid-for advertising you could use?
  • Which paid-for advertising strategies are cheapest?
  • How do email ads work? What do they cost?

Module 29 (Distribution)

Fulfillment: Local vs. International

  • What is fulfillment?
  • What does fulfillment cost?
  • Why would you use fulfillment?
  • Where are fulfillment houses available?

Module 30 (Distribution)

Selling on Amazon

  • How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?
  • Key Benefits of Using Amazon Fulfillment
  • How much does Amazon fulfillment cost?
  • Amazon rules you must not break!

Module 31 (Distribution)

Selling on eBay

  • How much does it cost to sell on eBay as a business?
  • fees for listing and selling
  • fees
  • How does eBay fulfillment work?

Module 32 (Distribution)


  • Why do you need barcodes?
  • What are Amazon barcodes
  • A $10,000 mistake!
  • Where do you buy barcodes?

Module 33 (Distribution)


  • What is bundling?
  • How should you bundle your products?
  • Why should you bundle your products?
  • How does bundling make AND save money?

Module 34 (Distribution)

Increasing Wholesale Sales

  • What pricing do wholesale buyers expect?
  • What are the different types of wholesale?
  • How to make effective cold calls to wholesalers
  • What incentives can you use to boost wholesale sales?
  • What can you do to get paid on time?

Module 35 (Distribution)

Retail Incentives 

  • What incentives can you use to boost retail sales?
  • What do you need to get into retail stores?
  • Why might you want to avoid large supermarkets?

Module 36 (Distribution)

Wholesale Sales Reps

  • What are wholesale sales reps?
  • What do sales reps actually do?
  • How much should you expect to pay a wholesale sales rep?
  • What should you ask a sales rep before you hire?
  • Where do you find them?
  • Where can you get a contract template for hiring wholesale sales reps?

Module 37

9 Success Implementation Tips

Despite all the helpful information above, some people are still likely to fail! This is because there are some social influences that will act to keep you down.

In module 37, we work through those stumbling blocks. By knowing and seeing the obstacle in your path, you will be better able to avoid it.


In addition to The Money Spot Program, as a bonus, you're getting the slides from four webinars that I gave in the past on:

  • How To Blog For Cash
  • How To Grow A YouTube Channel
  • How To Grow An Email List
  • How To Grow On Amazon

AND - as though that were not enough, I'm also throwing in a report I wrote on the "Top 15 Reasons Product Businesses Fail".

If you're not satisfied with the product you can ask for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

I wish you every success.

Heather x