EBOOK: Social Distancing  and the Out of Church Movement

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EBOOK: Social Distancing and the Out of Church Movement

Social distancing is accomplishing the Lord’s will on several levels as it relates to the binding  of the power of the world over God’s people. In opposition,  the institutional church is fighting to hold on to its churchgoers during this pandemic. Some are running to online streaming but they haven’t figured out how to take the choir with them. Others have  defied  their state’s directives to conform with social distancing and they are  keeping their church doors open or opening them way too soon. The leaders are so deceived that they really don’t have a clue as to what is going on and as a result, they are fighting God’s command that Moses said to Egypt which the Coronavirus is echoing around the world: 

Pharoah, Let My People Go!

Actually, Covid-19 makes present day events quite understandable than I could have conceived in 2007. The deception, though deep, became clear with the pandemic, a polite euphemism for a plague. Revelation 18:4 could not be fully understood without Covid  because, simply put, “it’s an end-time thing” understood only when events have transpired.  
In simple, end time language, “Come out of Her My People” —-Covid makes it obvious that “HER” is the organized, institutional, visible church in a building. We come out  to avoid “receiving of Her plagues.” What is the FIRST plague marking Endtimes? It’s Covid-19 aka Coronavirus.  

How do we catch this plague?  Well, when we are packed in a building assembled together for worship , spitting out germs in the air while singing, shouting, vigorously praising God  and such.  Maintaining social distancing to avoid infection  in such an assembly is practically impossible based upon congregational traditions of communion that are  contrary to the 6 feet  requirements of social distancing. 

So even when  Covid-19 abates, no one knows when another plague shall follow.  Too many have died to throw caution to the winds so the truth of the matter is that the days of “church as usual” are over. Like other social institutions and congregate activities, life  in the Covid era has irrevocably changed.  Church on Sundays will never be the same as it was.