WORKSHOP: Satan’s Endtime Agenda

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WORKSHOP: Satan’s Endtime Agenda

We are living in a time when just about everybody in the world has a sense that we are at or near the end of the world as we know it. Do we do nothing, and just wait for the bomb to fall? No, we do as the Lord said: watch, wait and prepare for various events must transpire before He returns to earth. This course explores how fallen angels have been planning for the coming of the Anti-Christ, an event that the scriptures warn must occur before Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns. Some of the course topics include: Russia and America, God’s Angels vs Fallen Angels, the One World Harlot Church, and much more!

            The 3 e-books associated with this course are highly recommended but not required to pass this course: “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us”, the New Idolatry and “the Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About.” 


With the essay, you will examine a topic based upon what you have learned in this course in the books, the videos and the articles, point out the evidence relative to the topic.You can either paraphrase in your own words as well as make a direct quote from the material. Send the essay to either your affiliated pastor or PSM.  At PSM, allow us 48 hours to send you  your grade from the time you submitted it.