CATsync QO-100 Edition

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CATsync QO-100 Edition

ATTENTION: This is the QO-100 Edition (not working for HF WebSDR  use)
You can purchase the Standard Edition (for terrestrial HF, VHF,UHF use)  here:


Your CAT Tool for QO-100 WebSDRs

CATSync QO-100 Edition allows you to syncronize public QO-100 satellite WebSDR receivers with your uplink rig connected via CAT control to your computer. It supports the classical WebSDR as well as Kiwi SDR interfaces.

  • Control a QO-100 WebSDR server by means of your uplink TX RIG…
  • Supports a wide number of RIG’s (it uses the popular OmniRig engine)
  • Supports WebSDR and KiwiSDR browser based SDR receivers
  • Tune the VFO of your radio and see the web SDR follow in realtime !
  • Click on the WebSDR waterfall and retune your rig in realtime
  • Syncronizes both, frequency and mode changes (CW, USB, LSB, AM, FM)
  • Listen full-duplex on your downlink frequency on the same frequency tuned on your uplink rig via web SDR or viceversa
  • Ideally suited e.g. for testing puposes or persons that do not want or are unable to afford the full QO-100 downlink path equipment
  • Can be interfaced with popular logging software using OminRig or via VSPE port splitter
  • NEW: Interface to control SDR-Console as external uplink rig instead of a real rig.

This software can help you to bring you quickly onto the QO-100 satellite by builing and optimizing first your 2.4GHz uplink station, before moving to receiving the downlink on 10GHz.