PSM SERIES: Detox From Religion

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PSM SERIES: Detox From Religion

This curriculum consists of 6 individual courses as well as free links to 4 ebooks.  The courses include Deliverance  Prep ,Salvation, False Conversions, Torment and Irrational Fears, The Religious Demon and Religiosity, and Altered States And Chakras.  The 4 ebooks are free links inside the document: The Church of the End Time Zombies, Faces of the Religious Demon, Come Out of Her’ God’s People and Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministries.

In the world, there are common beliefs and practices that manifest as customs, norms and standards. Behind most of these practices is a mass of people who passively “go along to get along.” Unfortunately, Religion is a part of the world and this is why the religious are without power. Therefore, we must be detoxed. With this series of teachings, dull ears and blind eyes will be open.

taken separately, the fee for these 6 courses and the books bought individually amount to $203, a savings of $28!!!

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