Agnikorak Book 8 Haiku Hues Summer Serenades

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Agnikorak Book 8 Haiku Hues Summer Serenades

Agnikorak Book 8 contains a set of haikus revolving around summer, there are a few that have strayed from the genre but majority are about summer.

Agnikorak is a book dedicated to illustrated poetry, at present only short forms or formless ones, like Haiku, Senru, Seven, Seventeen, Quatrain, later I may add bigger poems and illustrations. Don’t be misguided by the names of my books, their names are Indian (Sanskrit/Hindi/Bengali) but the books are almost 99% English. If there is something vernacular in them that is with English Translation.

Hope these books created with lot of love and enthusiasm will win your heart and make them successful! If you have any suggestions drop me a line, my contact details are included in end of every book.

These books don’t follow any specific genres, if/when they will I will share that in the description.