Agnimalya Book 10 Tall Tales of fair folks 1

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Agnimalya Book 10 Tall Tales of fair folks 1

Agnimalya Book 10 is all about fair folks, fairies, goblins, mermaids, it is a fun take on them. No offense meant. If you stumble upon this humble piece of work o fair folks forgive the authoress for her silly words. Hope you will enjoy the story- I absolutely loved writing them!

As for you readers, you will read stories that have a soft corner for fair folks mostly, after all the authoress always hoped to encounter a benevolent one, still does! In this one you will read about elves, dragons, genies, mermaids, giants and dwarves. Bon appetite!

As you all know these are my creations, copyrighted works, you are free to use them as long as you treat them as my property-mention my name as the creator and leave a link to my blog ( and inform me with the details of your use (non-profit) or discuss the financial side if you like them enough to publish them in your ezine, blog etc to sell. Just let me know!
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