Scales and Arpeggios

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Scales and Arpeggios

Practice Flute: SCALES and ARPEGGIOS is a great way to learn and apply the theory behind scales.  The majority of the progressions follow the Circle of Fourths (a.k.a. "band keys") with some examples using the Circle of Fourths.

This practice book has two main functions:

  1. Break down the process of learning scales to make complete understanding more managable and less frustrating.
  2. Provide variety to engage the brain in active practice. 

Written by flute educator Dr. Matthew Allison, this book was inspired by his students' boredom and frustration in learning the ILMEA scale sheet, but will prove useful to all students.

Highlights include:

  1. Applied Circle of Fourths
  2. Applied minor third & relative major/minor
  3. Minor scale turn-arounds
  4. 2 octave major and minor scales
  5. 24-scale practice patterns

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