Agnijaat Book 9, 25she boisakh 1426

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Agnijaat Book 9, 25she boisakh 1426

This quarterly contains next set of SOS- survival skills adapted and suggested by authoress in this strange world of ours! Just personal opinions about life, people and living well! There are as many illustrations as essays to colour things up! Hope they will impress you.

Agnijaat is a monthly English Ezine that works as an outlet to Miss Sharmishtha Basu’s hyperactive muse. She tries to make the Ezines as versatile as possible. This Quarterly contains a section of the Ezine and it will give you slight hint about the contents of the monthly Ezines.

You know these are Sharmishtha Basu’s copyrighted things. So, if you want to use them use them, just add my blog link (, if you want to sell them make me the offer. My contact details are at the end of the book.

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Wishing you the very best!
Sharmishtha Basu
As Tagore’s birthday falls on 7th/8th or 9th May I have picked up 7th for all Boisakh issues even though I use the name 25th boisakh they are not always 25th boisakh.