Agnishatdal Book 9, 25she boisakh 1426

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Agnishatdal Book 9, 25she boisakh 1426

This quarterly is sharing some beautiful works of Brieuc Martin Onraet, a cherished creator of Agnishatdal and much loved friend.

He is one amazing photographer and writer. His writing and photography skills are far above petty words. You can check out his blog ( and see how amazing they are!

Agnishatdal you know is a monthly English Ezine created by a group of amazing people scattered all over the world, they create as per their whim so their creations are unpredictable and awesome! You will have to read the books to understand fully.

You know that these works are copyrighted to Dom Brian/Brieuc. His contact is at the end of the book.

Do let him and me know your opinion of the book.

Sharmishtha Basu
As Tagore’s birthday falls on 7th/8th or 9th May I have picked up 7th for all Boisakh issues even though I use the name 25th boisakh they are not always 25th boisakh.