F-102A Delta Dagger Model

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F-102A Delta Dagger Model

This book contains detailed instructions on building the F-102A 1/48 scale model aircraft from Encore.

This kit is based on Revell's F-102A except some resin parts and photo etch were added along with a set of color instructions. The photo etch is a partial Eduard set. I wrote my book to include instructions for the basic kit using Revell's instruction. To give the option to just use the kit part, I added separate steps for the resin and PE parts. I recommend comparing the resin parts with corresponding kit parts to see if you would rather stick with the kit part. I will list both Encore and Revell paint recommendations in each step. This book provides a little history of the Delta Dagger, a detailed list of tools that I used to build this model, along with a list of paints. The actual instruction section contains 516 steps and 77 plus figures over 98 pages that tell you what to dry fit, glue, and/or paint for each individual piece. Each step instruction shows the source (i.e., either Encore or Revell) along with a block to mark that you completed the step.