Self Discovery

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Self Discovery

Learning the way we work (as well as other people) is a very important aspect when it comes to living an effective life.  

We were created unique and though we are like other people, we are also unlike other people. If we were just like everyone else, then everyone will be a carbon copy of one another with no individuality or artistic sense. Mankind will be boring – even monkeys and other animals have different species which evidences diversity. 

You and I are diverse, unlike one another. We cannot be like others – we can only be ourselves. 

But do not just be content with being yourself – be a better you! 

That is why the Enneagram of Personality is such an important subject to undertake. 

With the diversity of mankind, it is more important to learn how to understand other people and understand how they work. Don’t try and change yourself to fit into their mold nor try and change them to fit ours – it is not what we are called to do. 

This book is a culmination of years of study, analysis of human psychology and personal experience rolled together.


82 pages