Foods Your Body LovesFoods Your Body LovesFoods Your Body LovesFoods Your Body Loves

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Foods Your Body Loves

You may be embarking on a new journey for wellness. Not that you didn’t previously care about your health, but something has changed—your goals, medical needs, or lifestyle. Whatever the reason, this book will be your guide to making foods your body loves, that you also can really enjoy!


This book includes:

  • 8 delicious plant-based recipes: Foods that will provide an array of colors, textures, and health benefits all in one meal.
  • Supernutrients: Find out what powders and seeds you should buy to boost your energy, balance your hormones, and improve your mood.
  • Helpful tips: Information for meal prepping and coordinating complete, nutrient-dense meals.


The changes we make that are most lasting are the ones that are the result of a mindset shift. As you begin to use and enjoy each recipe, it will soon be a part of your everyday life, and easy to continue.


Let this book be your guide to reaching your health and wellness goals this year, or buy it as a gift for someone who you want to see win!