Sales Pro: Double Sales in 6 MonthsSales Pro: Double Sales in 6 MonthsSales Pro: Double Sales in 6 MonthsSales Pro: Double Sales in 6 Months

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Sales Pro: Double Sales in 6 Months

I am an entrepreneur who had the blessing of starting my career after college in outside business sales. I initially sold business health insurance, then got into IT sales. I was terrible initially and almost quit to get a desk job. But somehow I weathered the learning curve and became a master at prospecting, setting appointments and closing deals.

Early on, I even opened my own insurance brokerage in Midtown Nashville, Tennessee, with 7 agents. I was in my mid-twenties and making more money than I’d ever seen before. This business would eventually fail because I thought I knew it all.

So listen folks.. I’ve made every mistake there is to make when it comes to building a sales funnel, customer traffic and attracting customers. I know this game inside and out and have the traction to prove it.

My recent company - Mitech Partners, LLC - was launch in late 2013 with 0 customers and absolutely no referral partners. Within one year, my little company had attracted more than 300 clients like Holiday Inn Express, the US Army and Super 8. We also contracted with 71 affiliate partners in multiple states. Today the company has more than 1200 clients and nearly 300 affiliate partners in 20+ states. We continue to grow organically based on the system I’m about to teach you. This all started from a 90-day program I created called M90x. M90x is a structured regimen that will lead to doubling sales within 6 months.

So read this short 25-page handbook with an open mind. I break down each step and give you a specific model to follow. If followed, you can't help but grow your business. I know you may have already had success in sales or tremendous accomplishments. But I invite you to read this document knowing that if you get just one great idea, it could take your business to the next level.

I'm confident this information can help you double sales no matter what your industry because I have seen it done over and over again with my team and other business associates. Whether it’s IT sales, insurance, payroll, mlm, coaching or mattresses, these fundamental principles work.

Don’t discount the principles if you find them simple. Trust the formula. It works if you work it with consistency.

I will offer a disclaimer: If your sales are already over $1,000,000 annually, it may take a little longer to double sales. But if your business is trending less than $1,000,000 annually now, I know 6 months is a good benchmark to double your number. Ok, Let's get it!