Agnijaat Ashar 1425, June 2018

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Agnijaat Ashar 1425, June 2018

Agnijaat is an English, monthly Ezine, an outlet to hyperactive muse of its creator Miss Sharmishtha Basu. She earnestly tries to improve her creations and make them as versatile as possible. Because before dying she wants to live to the fullest!


So you will get lot of illustrations, poems, stories, thoughts, light and serious essays, cartoons, a dash of spiritualism in this ezine, every month.


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This month’s collection includes story excerpts, micro stories, poems, essays, lot of illustrations, some insight in India and Bengal this month and more. Lot more! Check out the issues to know more and make me happy!


A piece from the story “The tower”


“That night she suddenly woke up feeling strange, as if something was really wrong. When she looked at my bed she swore she saw a woman sitting beside me. In the semi darkness she could see that it was a very beautiful woman wearing the dresses of British Era notch girls: glittering lehenga (Indian long skirt), choli (top that comes with it), chunni (stole) and ornaments of pure gold studded with real gems! They were sparkling in the moonlight that scattered on the bed. Her hair was long and not braided. It fell all over her body like another veil, black one.”


“Who is it?” she mumbled incoherently.

“She just vanished right in front of my eyes! But not before I could see her eyes. They were glowing like the eyes of predators in dark.”

 “A shudder ran through my spine. It took me few seconds to gather courage and scream!”…your grandma told me later.”  Her father would have continued the story, surrounded by a bunch of gaping kids, swallowing every word that came out of his mouth.

“She said she felt like fainting but gathered her nerves and started screaming.”

“Grandpa came running from the next room. He on his turn swears that he saw a black bitch skulking out of the room. He chased it but could not find it after reaching the garden. The main door to the house was wide open, and he remembered locking it himself before retiring to bed, no one took the blame for leaving it open at middle of night!”