Agnimalya Book 8 : The Tower

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Agnimalya Book 8 : The Tower

It was damp, the air was choking. The light of the flashlight was flickering on the floor, creating strange shadows. It was unsteady right on the D day! To add up her climbing and a little jittery hand was making it dance.

Turn back!” a small voice inside her head implored, “It’s so choking in here! What if they are right?

“Yeah sure!” another voice taunted, “Like Priya, when she told that her maternal uncle’s room was haunted and he was seen pacing up and down there every night! He just missed the night you sat there on vigil!”

“Like Mishtu when she told that the tamarind tree that stood over the oldest grave of the Christian graveyard near their home was haunted. No one returns alive from there if s/he dares to tie a rope on its branches on Friday at twelve a.m. Your rope is still dangling from there!”

“This one is different.” the first voice insisted, “You can feel it too!”

Jayanti really could! There was something really strange in here. Even her young heart could feel it. It felt like someone was watching her from within the walls, as she fumbled her way up.

She silenced both the voices the scared and the brazen. She knew what will happen if she bolts! She will have to see the smirks on the faces of her new found friends for the rest of the month- twenty days in Toto!

Finally she reached the top.

There was an old wooden door, intact, covered with moss and cobwebs though.


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