Perfectly Imperfect (ePub Book)

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Perfectly Imperfect (ePub Book)

Perfectly Imperfect by Vermell Tunstall is an empowering story about one’s ability to survive the worst in order to reach the best you. It is the story of a teenager who is forced to face many tumultuous situations in life while finding the courage to move on. Jayden is forced to deal with a great deal of loss, hardship and grief throughout her high school years. In a world that seems so much bigger than her, she is abused, bullied, raped and hopeless. With suicide being a possible way of escape from her troubles, Jayden has to find the strength to survive and maintain her self-control.


It is written in hopes to grant inspiration to those who need it and determination to those who choose to keep going.


There is a way out and you are not alone.

This it the ePub ebook version of the hit book.