Intercultural Competence in Business English

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Intercultural Competence in Business English

Intercultural Competence in Business English is a manual and resource pack for Business English trainers who aim at preparing their learners for intercultural encounters both in business and other contexts. It helps trainers to establish the best way of combining the insights of intercultural theory with their own knowledge and experience in language teaching. After a theoretical introduction, the manual goes on to discuss topics such as raising self-awareness among learners and how to build on learners’ existing communicative and intercultural competences.

Drawing on numerous examples and exercises, this book provides trainers with a practical approach to teaching Business English that will ultimately lead to successful intercultural communication in a great variety of business and other situations worldwide.

Intercultural Competence in Business English covers:

•  the terminology: culture – language – competence: what they mean and how they                are related

•  teaching country-specifics: what to teach and how to do it

•  surviving critical incidents in English:  practical communication plus knowledge and sensitivity

•  assessing intercultural competence: focus on proficiency rather than personality     


Plus an appendix with:

•  checklists & worksheets

•  further reading and links