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Sfulingo is Annual edition of Agnijaat, my monthly English Ezine. This year it is being published in Shoptly for the first time, hopefully I will have the joy of publishing these issues every year for years to come!


This yearly issue contains a set of illustrated Haikus and a bunch of form poems, both are absolutely new for all my readers! Previously unpublished or blogged I mean.


The books in Kindle have the same name but the contents are different. Honestly I really don’t enjoy creating for Kindle much, because I love illustrating my books. That is my greater fun in creating. So after creating the books for Amazon (because they do fabulous advertising) I created these two books for shoptly. To create the books I like!


There is one fair warning for my wannabe readers or those who check my books in shoptly, you will see LOT of books here, because you must treat my bookstore as the store of a hyper-creative artist. I have piled up my works for 11 years and now I plan to sift through them systematically and pick up the ones I deem worthy of sprucing up as books.


So before you get overwhelmed just remember these are all old works written by an obsessed writer for a period of 11 years, without much to do with her time, so the fear of too many books will be gone from your heart and you may muster up the courage to check them out!


Happy reading, hoping they are worth your time!


I will give the issues of shoptly the same name, maybe add illustrated to avoid confusion, in case they both show up in same place!



Sharmishtha Basu