Agnidal 2018

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Agnidal 2018

Agnidal Annual Issues will contain one or more works and an interview of its family members. “Agnishatdal Parivar”. You will read few stories, poems and enjoy some amazing artworks in these pages. Hope you will love them.


Unlike Sfulingo, the contents of Agnidal illustrated is same as the book in Kindle, and if you read both books you will know why I have created my shop in shoptly. Creating is so much more fun here!


Here is the shortest piece, a poem by Dom Collucci (Published Author of few poetry books in}:

A loving touch*


A tender heart must never break

Within shall always love not ache

Sweet endearing gentleness we both agree

You are a rose so pure, a spirit so free

Let love enter always happily, may it abound

To raise both of our Soul*s in this wonderful surround


Dom*Colucci © 2017


Agnishatdal is blessed with selfless affection of its creative group, these selfless authors, artists have shared their wonderful creation for free and no matter how much I try to thank them for this gift, it will be nothing! Here they are (No order please, just the names as they appeared in mind) :


Troy David Loy

Raghunandan Kuppuswamy

Dominic Collucci

Brieuc Martin Onraet

Hem Diva Dev


Bitter Pill

Citizen Null


Sharmishtha Basu