How to start internet & social media marketing business.
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How to start internet & social media marketing business.

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1. Internet marketing is a complicated venture.
2. Internet marketing is not easy.
3. Internet marketing follows Early sales = more money in your bank account.
4. Why become an affiliate?
5. Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing
6.How do they find products to promote?
7. How do they drive traffic to their affiliate promos?
8. How do they market them?
9. What are the main mistakes people make with affiliate marketing?
10. How did they get started and how should other people get started in today’s market?
11. Whose blogs do you read? 
12. Which marketers email lists are you on? 
13. What forums do you visit? 
14. Who do you talk to? 
15. Which marketer’s products have you bought?
16. What sort of content should be on your blog?
17. What do people in your niche want to know about? 
18. Why will they be coming to your blog?
19. Once you’ve got your idea – you now need to turn it into reality!
20. The beauties of internet marketing is that there are NO real rules. You’re free to try almost anything, experiment and find out what works
21.Are you trying to make money online  but finding it tough going?
22. Some people do make some money online, and if they do it's almost never regular or never enough and they, along with those who make nothing at all, feel like they are swimming in porridge.
23. Do you have time to create new and evergreen content day in and day out for your internet marketing or make money online website or blog?
24. Do you have your own list?
25. Are you making an online income?
26. Have you ever dreamed of owning and running your own business and be your own boss?
27. How would you like the idea of being able to make money online? Or more seriously, launch your own online business and claim your share of the pie?
28. Ever wonder how people are really making online?
29. Turn every dime into a dollar by having all the aces of internet marketing in your hand!
30. The 'No-Brainer' way to speed up your online success.
31. We have taken all the guess work out of internet marking and turned it into science.
32. Why Internet Marketing has importance for your business and what can it do to increase your sales?
33. Do you have a product or service to sell?
34. Are you getting tired of promoting and getting nowhere?
35. Are you interested in increasing your sales by 1000%?
36. Are you sick of only getting counter offers in your inbox?
37. Are you looking for something with a money back guarantee?
38. Are you going from one safe list to another cutting & pasting your ads?
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