Best tattoo designs, tips, images, ideas for men & women.
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Best tattoo designs, tips, images, ideas for men & women.

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1. Thinking of Getting a Tattoo? 
2. The Secret to Tattoo Placements to Give You a “More” Muscular Sexy, Curve Enhancing Image...
3. Avoid Common Tattoo Blunders Which Could Leave You Looking Undesirable, Scarred, and Out of Pocket…
4. Here’s WHAT happens when tattoos become a blunder…
    .You choose the wrong design
    .You put the tattoo on the wrong part of your body
    .You pick colours which make you look pale and sallow, or even fat
    .You trust a dodgy tattoo artist
    .You could totally misplace your tattoo on your body. . You could miss out on creating your tattoo design to help you look like a strong, attractive muscle man.
    .You change your mind when it’s too late…
5. Is a body-enhancing tattoo actually right for you?
6. What to do for Tattoo’s to Enhance Skinny Men?
7. Stretch Marks & Tattoos.?
8. What Tattoo designs to use for Men with Muscle?
9. Muscle Enhancing Tattoos with Shading?
10. Where should you position the tat for optimum effect?
11. What colours should you use to enhance your body’s shape?
12. What happens to a tattoo if you lose/gain weight?
13. What do girls really think about Men with Muscle and Tattoos?
14. Painful spots for Tattoos? Does it really hurt and how can you stop it from hurting?
15. Do you know the signs of Normal healing and bad healing?
16. How should you look after your new tattoo?
17. Do you have a special event coming up and need to conceal your tattoo for the day?
18. Do you work in an environment with strict tattoo policies?
19. Do you take part in swimming and dance competitions, or theatre, and need flawless and durable tattoo coverage?
20. EBook also covers ----
    .What effects will laser tattoo removal have on my daily activities and responsibilities?
    .How can I best avoid physical pain, infection, and scarring?
    .How does laser tattoo removal work exactly, and how will it interact with my skin?
    .What are the possible complications and side effects?
    .How do I choose the right laser professional, and what specific search tools can I use to find a qualified professional in my area?
    .What is the cost, frequency and number of sessions involved?
    .Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?
    .What should I expect the day of my laser session?
    .What should I expect as my skin will be healing over the following weeks?
    .What are the best aftercare products I can use to make sure my skin heals properly?
    .Can lasers be used to remove permanent makeup, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and traumatic tattoos?
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