"Gimme Bundle" Impulse Responses for Two Notes Gear (tur-format)

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"Gimme Bundle" Impulse Responses for Two Notes Gear (tur-format)

The "Gimme Bundle" includes:

80's Marshall 4x12 1960B G12-65
90's Marshall 4x12 1960AV Vintage 30
Friedman 4x12 "Vintage" Vintage 30 and G12M Greenback
Custom Audio Amplifiers 2x12 G12M65 Creamback and Vintage 30
Bogner "Cube" 1x12 Vintage 30
Suhr 2x12 Open Back G12H30 Anniversary

(Impulse Responses for Two Notes Gear)

Equipment used: Chandler TG-2, RME Fireface, Behringer A 500 linear poweramp, Mogami cables, Evidence directional speakercable, Auralex Gramma cabinet stand.

Microphones used: Audix I5, Unidyne 57, Shure SM57, Heil PR 20, Royer 121, Shure KSM 32, SE Electronics VR1 (only on the 80's and 90's Marshall, Friedman and Bogner cabinets).

Positions explained: IR#1 starts almost right on the cone with IR#2 – 4 moving towards the edge. #2 and #3 cover the typical sweet spots when miking a speaker at the cone/cap edge. The Ribbons have a straight and a 15 degree tilted position (as mentioned in the file name) done in 300Ohm impedance at the Chandler TG-2.

You get a total of 180 IRs with this package all captured in 96 kHz.