A Famous Grandson

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A Famous Grandson

"The Art of Hidden Messages" is artwork that contains concealed messages for the viewer to find.

The first piece is titled, "A Famous Grandson". It is a professionally done watercolor with secret messages and instructions on how to follow along to solve a puzzle. It is released to the public in the form of a pdf (an electronic document with a picture of the art).

A small section of that painting is currently being used as the profile photograph for this site. You will receive the entire photograph when your purchase of the pdf is confirmed.

Rules for The Art of Hidden Messages:

Entries are to be submitted to TheArtofHiddenMessages@gmail.com Please put the title of the puzzle in the heading of the email, and your answer(s) in the body of the email. If you have a winning entry, you will be contacted. Losing entries will not receive a follow-up email. Entries sent to any other email or messaging system will not be considered for evaluation and will be deleted.

In the case of two or more entries being submitted with the correct answer(s), the winner will be determined by the time stamp on the email.

You may enter more than once. There is no limit on how many times you can submit an answer.

Please only submit answers if you have purchased the pdf. The merchant has the right to request to see a receipt of purchase before awarding any prize.

Keep in mind that this site and the puzzles have been created for fun and entertainment. The merchant is not gaining a profit from creating this puzzle and website. All money toward purchasing a pdf goes directly toward the prize. We will not be able to continue to provide this service if it is abused.

Players are free to discuss the puzzle on open forums or other social media. The merchant/creator will not answer questions pertaining to the puzzle. If an error or misprint is found, an announcement will be made on the Art of Hidden Messages facebook page.

When a winner has claimed the prize, an official announcement will be made on the Art of Hidden Messages facebook page.

Good luck to all!