Achievers 9 band 4 in 1 book third part

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Achievers 9 band 4 in 1 book third part

This is third part of achievers 9 band book.
due to large size this book is divided into three parts .
This part includes writing task 1 for general module and writing task 2 for both modules and other grammar part.
please buy another two parts as well!
The book, Achievers 9 bands, is premeditated to furnish every need of students to achieve 8+ bands in IELTS speaking and IELTS writing. Many students think that we live in a non English speaking country so it is not possible to get 8+ bands in these two modules. But this book has made it possible for many in our country. If u want to be the next in this category do read this book. Why should you read Achievers 9 bands, 4 in one book?
1. The book covers all TO THE POINT tips and techniques to score high in IELTS.
2. It gives complete idea of presentation for speaking and writing including exam oriented vocabulary.
3. In detailed solved introduction questions, cue cards and discussion questions help out a student wholly to prepare for the exam.
4. The solved report writings, letters and essays facilitate every student unerringly what to put in writing to score high in the exam.
5. All the topics around which the exam revolves are covered in this book.
6. Strong vocabulary, idea generation, what to write in introduction, body para and conclusion is included in this book.
7. People who are not competent in grammar can get grammar lessons here.
8. This book also highlights on how to prepare for visa interview questions for various countries. SO ONE BOOK & ALL PREPARATION for IELTS.