Agnimalya Book 4 The reptile

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Agnimalya Book 4 The reptile




Agnimalya is a book of stories, some old stories and mostly new stories are included in it. The mood depends on the stories included- that is- they are unpredictable! I try to make them as versatile as possible and sometimes throw in some flash-fictions lavishly illustrated for you!


You will have to check out a few copies to get the feel. But just as I said I try to add all genres but not in the same copy, and I don’t really stick to one genre in one book mostly, maybe I will in future, but not at present. Most probably you will enjoy a dose of love in the February Issue or Durgapuja in autumn….


You can buy the book directly or indirectly. Directly from patreon by becoming my patron there or from paypal by simply buying and downloading from there!