Agnijaat Book 5 Saraswatipuja 2018

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Agnijaat Book 5 Saraswatipuja 2018

It is the fifth Quarterly of the book, it is different from the monthly issues. Contains a cartoon story. Which I loved creating a lot.


It is a solo venture, my works looking for an organized outlet, improving my works while they are being appraised by a limited number of readers, people I know, so that I can open up in every sense without much restrains. There are many reasons why people don’t open up in social medias, they all are the reasons why I chose Agnijaat as my next level of writing and illustrations.

You will find all types of writing and they will keep changing, the more I learn the more I will share in it, at present you will see lots of illustrations, photographs, some poems, stories, cartoons, essays and other writings.

It is a monthly ENGLISH magazine, that will be published on 1st of every Bengali month.

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