Agnishatdal Magh, January 2018

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Agnishatdal Magh, January 2018

Agnishatdal is creation of a beautiful group, with extremely talented writers, thinkers and mentors. It’s contents are as versatile as the authors and artists that have made it possible. They belong to different countries of this beautiful planet and different circles of life, so their works are as versatile as they are! I am quite sure you will enjoy the ezines if you read them. Do not forget though its name is Sanskrit, its calendar is Bengali the Ezine is 99% English like its twin Agnijaat.


Right now its steady contributors are Dom Collucci, Troy David Loy, Brieuc Martin Onraet, Hemdiva Dev, Raghunandan Kuppuswamy, Sherri Nichols, Bitter Pill, Citizen Null and Sharmishtha Basu, but some of these will change in near, far future. These authors are gifting their works to the Ezine, for that the ezine will be forever in debt!


Check out the author bios (you will get their blog links there)-


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