Make Your Own Bread

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Make Your Own Bread

Fresh, hot, piping, delicious Home-made CAN do it!

Wonderful ole timey recipes will provide you with many years of baking pleasure.

In "Make Your Own Bread" you'll find delightful, easy to follow instructions for baking all types of delicious breads, cakes, candies, crumpets, custards, ice creams and even lozenges!

This 84-page eBook provides over 260 time-tested recipes, that you can bake for dinner parties, fund-raising events, family reunions, holidays or simply to have fun in your kitchen with your children or relatives.

You'll also find remarks on the art of breadmaking as well as chemistry as applied to bread making, to ensure that you make the most delicious, light-as-air and flaky breads, cakes and pastries as possible.