Daily Mindfulness by Melissa Asteya
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Daily Mindfulness by Melissa Asteya

Daily Mindfulness: Hypno-Meditations with Melissa Asteya


Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Morning Meditation - Ground & Set Clear Intentions

Track 3: Evening Meditation - Reflect, Release, & Relax

BONUS: Morning & Evening Reflection Downloads!

Melissa Asteya (c) 2017


Morning Meditation: 

Begin your day with an uplifting mindfulness healing journey! Ground, center, and empower your purpose-driven intentions.


Evening Meditation:

Experience the profound healing benefits of your daily mindfulness evening meditation!

This empowering practice can assist you in healing, releasing, & creating peace within as you prepare for a good night's rest.


Melissa Asteya is an Intuitive Life Coach, Healing Hypnotherapist, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, & Soul Realignment Practitioner with more than 15 years of experience. She offers 1:1 Phone & In-Person Appointments, Online Classes, Certification Workshops, Corporate Seminars, and more!

Visit: https://enlightenyourpath.com