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This course is unique as it deals with two sides of this subject: Demonic soul ties with both human beings and also soul ties between human beings and evil spirits. On the human to human side, societal, religious and cultural issues that influence access to evil spirits to join together an unholy union are addressed, including but not limited to soulmate fantasies and assumptions, Prince Charming, the Boaz Fantasy, in bondage to a narcissist, and Marriage and Soul tie Scam of religious evil spirits. On the spirit side, topics include: communal intoxication. Spirit rape, the Bridal Paradigm, spiritual husbands and Romancing Jesus.

       Make sure you download the curriculum you receive when you register.  With the essay, you will examine a case study from the manual of a person with a demonic soul tie. From what you have learned in this course in the books, the videos and the articles, point out the evidence as to  why this person is in a demonic soul tie in a 700 word essay.  You can either paraphrase in your own words as well as make a direct quote from the material. Send the essay to us and allow 48 hours to receive your grade from the time you submitted it.