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Since the religious demon has many faces and facets, this course explores this entity as a seducing spirit, a teacher of false doctrine and practices, an idolatrous spirit, an accusing and condemning spirit with the ulterior motive to make the power of God of none effect, and to cause God’s people to be weak in faith. Some components of this course include: The Religious Demon Described, The Religious Demon and Passivity, and the Religious Demon as the spirit of the Antichrist. How this entity works in its various forms is also addressed, including but not limited to the impact of the religious demons on false conversions, dreams, the altered state of consciousness, the institutional church, the spirit of Jezebel, prophecy and even preaching. 

    This course is a blend of videos and articles, coupled with 2  e-books associated with this course: Faces of the Religious Demon and Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministries.  With both a short answer test  and an essay, the essay will take a case study and apply as many principles as possible to assess the circumstances of the selected case.