COURSE: Charismatic Movement

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COURSE: Charismatic Movement

The Apostle Paul predicted 2000 years ago that the time would come when seducing spirits would cause those who profess Christ to depart from the faith primarily because of false doctrine.  This course exposes how this has already happened today.  Content includes: deceptions and delusions, altered states, counterfeits of God’s gifts, tongues, opened chakras, kundalini, fire tunnels, slain in the spirit witchcraft prayers, false prophets and their prophecies, hypnotic preaching and a lot more.

    A blend of both  e-books, videos and short articles, the 2 e-books for this course are “The New Idolatry” and “Come Out  of Her, God’s People,” with  the ultimate goal of the course geared toward  enhancement of your discernment  to be able to  recognize the rivalries,  differences and the similarities between new age occultism, Pentecostalism  and the charismatic movement. Included in the course is a short answer and an essay, which is optional.