Course# 206: Altered States and Chakras

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Course# 206: Altered States and Chakras

To understand this subject, clarity as to the differences between soul and spirit are explained.  This course explores the influence of the altered state—aka the trance—and the beliefs and Christian practices that release access to both the soul and the spirit, as well as the unseen satanic purpose.  Emphasis is placed on worship, meditation, Christian yoga, Reiki, tongues, slain in the spirit, as a means to open chakras and release kundalini energy that is mistaken for manifestations of the Holy Spirit. 

This course also reveals  why the ASC is so important to Satan and his fallen angels. In the books, the focus is upon how the ASC has affected churchgoers. Among new agers, the ASC is not only acceptable but mandatory to spiritual growth, power and advancement. It has become a common practice in the US to turn to pagan spiritual practices. Used in educational and psychological circles, and even medicine, various practices like yoga and reiki are considered legitimate on many levels. This course provides details on why such practices are very dangerous. 

The two ebooks in the curriculum are The Church of the Endtime Zombies  and Come Out of Her, God’s People.  There are two tests, short answer and  an optional essay.