DEW 201 : Walk in the Spirit

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DEW 201 : Walk in the Spirit


      This workshop sheds light on what is required to be more than a conqueror in these times.  The Deliverance Essentials are twofold: to know yourself as a soul who lives in a body to be led by your spirit, for God is a Spirit, and He communes Spirit to spirit. This course defines the differences between your soul and your spirit and how to operate and benefit from both, particularly your free will. 

You will learn how Satan and his wicked spirit powers of the air, and demons can be overcome. The only way to be ultimately saved, and delivered from these powers is through the Gospel.

Even though those born againin Christ  have been given direct authority over all demons, or evil spirits, demons and fallen angels  will challenge a believer to test us, to see what we know and if we will stand on solid ground. 

this workshop is for those not yet born-again and for true believers who may have fallen  into  sin and disobedience,  so the two essentials of this workshop explore  how religious spirits will challenge you and your fight  will probably be intense without the wisdom of spiritual warfare, that this workshop provided. 

Therefore,  you will learn how to minimize the intensity  of the battle by standing strong in your  divinely given freewill imparted to all human beings.   In fact, free will is superior to that of any evil spirit.  In order to know the benefits of free will, this workshop focuses on free will as a major component of your soul.