Agnijaat Book 7- Durgapuja 1425

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Agnijaat Book 7- Durgapuja 1425

Agnijaat is a monthly English Ezine, that serves as an outlet to hyperactive muse of its humble creator Sharmishtha Basu. She is blessed with extra amount of energy and time, and this Ezine saves her from getting bored to death!

Monthly issues of the Ezine contains versatile things, stories, poems, illustrations, essays and myriad other stuffs. The quarterlies sometimes share the contents of the Ezines sometimes not. Just like last quarterly this year too it contains not stuffs from the Ezine.

This quarterly is all about sketches I painted last year, as I painted them during Durgapuja by the time they finished Durgapuja was over, so, I am sharing them this year, hope you will enjoy them!

Do drop a line! My contact details are at the end of the book.

Love and best wishes.

Sharmishtha Basu